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Speedy Tuesday - A FratelloWatches Reader With the exceptional Space WatchesIt's Speedy Tuesday! We received a set of photos recently derived from one of of our own readers with a special desire for Speedmasters and replica watches that were to space on the whole. He sends us photos of his Omega Speedmaster Professional 'transitional model', his 1st Generation Speedmaster Professional X-33 and his awesome R.O.1 Space (as worn by astronaut Andre Kuipers wide).Let's start with his Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 from 1969 also being generally known as 'transitional'. rolex replica The dial of the watch usually fit in with the first sort 145.012 (or 105.012) model together with the applied Omega brand name and somewhat deep positioned subdials. However, the centralized chronograph used has got the straight cut with the short end, which suggests it belongs to the 145.022 generation of Speedmasters.The how's and why's happen to be discussed a good deal, nevertheless the main assumption is the fact that Omega just thought we would 'finish' the stocked caliber 321 dials. This led to creating a Speedmaster that has no so-called blue print, which means the transitional model. We've also seen similar models from 1968 black hublot watches . After 1969 apparently Omega definitely went forward using the caliber 861 reference 145.022 blue print, meaning an engraved caseback, straight short-end chronograph hand and printed dial. These 'transitional models' are sought-after by collectors though.Next we have this Omega Speedmaster Professional X-33 'Marswatch' from your 1st Generation. In truth, we covered this specific watch from my reader Hans before (simply click here) simply because it was properties of an early NASA employee who put on the extender in his work with space agency. The Omega Speedmaster Pro X-33 was available in two different versions, because 2nd Generation were built with a brushed bezel and pushers and a different style of crown that was easier to grasp replica tag heuer pricing watches . Also, digital quartz movement caliber 1666 was replaced at some time having a thermo compensated version caliber 1666D. A lot of X-33 information can be found in this phenomenal write-up in the guys over at Ialreadyhaveawatch.com.Unfortunately, the X-33 was discontinued soon. Which you find in us feel that the final production number of the X-33 must be very reasonable when compared with Omega's other replica watches. A collector's item? We come across the getting larger during the last number of years (but also in all honesty which goes for pretty much every watch in existence) and gaining interest amongst Speedmaster collectors. The Speedmaster Z-33 featuring its Flightmaster heritage will be the new digital Speedmaster but really should not be considered a successor of the X-33. More on the Z-33 is usually read here.Completely with some space props and also the R.O.1 Space timepiece. A timepiece designed and put together by Roland Oostwegel and features a patented shock system. Its movement will be based upon the renown ETA 7750. ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Andre Kuipers took this watch with him in space. However, we've also seen photos of Andre Kuipers wearing his Omega Speedmaster X-33. More soon.Thanks Hans for playing 'Speedy Tuesday' again. Photos taken by Stef de Graauw.Ensure that you join our Speedy Tuesday Facebook page and share photos of one's Speedmaster(s). replica breitling shadow flyback watches
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